We are very happy to extend you an invitation to join our community of Alchemists.

PlayAlchemist is a crucible for your own creative expression and transformation using the powerful principles of alchemy. The Alchemists knew the pursuit of science with spirituality was a path to deeper knowledge and spiritual awakening.

“When we strive to become better than we are,

everything around us becomes better too.”


Paulo COELHO | The Alchemist

Our Ethos

Transform yourself transform the world.

PlayAlchemist is a diverse community of Alchemists that seek to ignite transformation in ourselves and the world. As Paolo Coelho wrote in the Alchemist – “When we strive to become better than we are, everything around us becomes better too”

Many people think of Alchemy as the transmutation of base metals like Lead into Gold, but the true Alchemist applied the wisdom they learned from nature towards their spiritual advancement, in other words, they strived to turn the “Lead” of egoic consciousness into the “Gold” of an actualized and enlightened soul.

Our camps ethos is to serve as a crucible that ignites and accelerates the evolution of consciousness.

“We are travelers on a cosmic journey, stardust, swirling and dancing in the eddies and whirlpools of infinity. Life is eternal. We have stopped for a moment to encounter each other, to meet, to love, to share. This is a precious moment.”  Paulo Coelho

PlayAlchemist Schedule

We are excited to host several incredible luminaries that will be providing talks and workshops though the week.

Our daily schedule for the entire week will include:

8:00am – 9:00am – Morning Meditation

9:00am – 10:00am – Yoga

10:15am – 11:30am – Movement

11:45am – 1:00pm – Healing Workshop

1:00pm – 4:00pm – Speaker series (15 min & 45 min sessions)

4:00pm – 6:00pm – Community Dialogue Panels

Special events: Agenda STILL IN THE MAKING…


Opening of the Temple – Sundown

Initiation Ceremony


The Alchemists Ball


 Initiation Ceremony

Dance party with ritual performances


Sunset Procession to the Man


Sunset procession to the Temple

Camp Placement and Layout

The Great Pyramid of Giza is aligned with the entrance facing true north, Last year without asking we were placed at 9:45 and Esplanade which allowed us to align our Pyramid like Giza, to true north. As with all camps, our fate lies in the hands of the Placement committee, but we are in good standing and have requested to be in the same location as last year with additional space. We don’t find our actual placement until early July.


Food as energy… Food as medicine

The Playa is a demanding place both physically and spiritually and while we often think of food as fuel – food is both physical and spiritual nourishment.

Most people think of the food we consume as separate from us, however, as ancient mystics and modern physicists have come to understand, everything is made up of spiraling energy, which means that we are not separate from everything around us.

For centuries ancient peoples have honored the plants and animals that provided for their sustenance. Simply holding your hands over your meal and saying a simple prayer can dramatically affect not just your energy, but also that of the food. honouring your food means honoring yourself.

The food we choose to eat sustains us on deeper inner and spiritual levels. By harnessing the secret alchemy of food, you raise your vibration bringing increased joy, health, happiness into your life.

Highlights of our Food program for 2018

  • Our resident team of chefs will be onsite providing brunch & dinner daily.

  • Our ingredients are mostly plant based

  • 100% Organic

  • We will have a full kitchen onsite

  • A 24hr snack bar

  • Fresh cold brew on tab

  • Alchemical elixirs

About our chefs:

Chef Julia Michelle and Chef Jonathan Gage

Chef Julia Michelle is a raw, vegan and vegetarian European trained professional chef living over 20 years abroad. She is both a chef and licensed (UCSF) nutritionist, taking an individualized approach to food preparation.
She brings her magic and meditation to culinary creations – dynamic flavors, epicurean colors and a farm fresh fare – She is considered by many to be a “Food Alchemist.”

Chef Jonathan Gage traveled at an early age, with extensive time spent throughout Asia, in particular. There, he was introduced to Vedic philosophy and Ayurvedic cuisine.
He became interested in cooking in an ashram in Ganeshpuri, India, where he assisted in creating large-scale meals for hundreds of attendees. His worldly approach to cuisine and attention to healing properties have earned him a solid reputation.

Collaboration Team:
Chef Joran Bouwman aka Chef Dutch. European professionally trained.
Chef Michelle “Mooshu” Perales aka “The Produce Ninja” specializing in sauces/dressings and a “Produce Fluffer” by trade.

Chef Paul Cheval hails from the heart of wine country in Sonoma County specializing grill and sauté.


You are responsible for your own Burning Man ticket.

There is no difference in access or amenities between the high priced ticket and the regular priced. All grant same access everywhere. If you are planning to bring a vehicle, you will also require a vehicle pass. Due to potential space limitations at our camp, if you bring a vehicle, please be aware you may need to park it off camp site as we are committed to accommodating campers. Please note that vehicles can only be used to enter and exit Burning Man – not for use around the grounds during the week.

Camp Cost Share

PlayAlchemist values all campers’ time equally both on and off the playa. Everyone staying in the camp is gifting a measure of their time. The measure of your time is either in the form of ‘stored time’ , meaning real-world dollars earned outside of Burning Man, or in the form of volunteer shifts spent building or operating the camp. Camp fees are reduced/credited proportionate to the valuable time you have have promised to contribute to the camp while in Black Rock City.

Being gifted both forms of time is essential for the viability of PlayAlchemist. This camp simply could not happen without those of you with capacity to gift your time in the form of a higher camp fee. Likewise, this camp could not happen without those of you with the capacity to gift weeks of your time bringing the camp to life. Combined, we generate the capacity to provide all campers equal accommodation comfort and quality amenities regardless of how they’re delivering their gift of time to the camp, and our camp’s gift of the pyramid to Burning Man.

The camp fee tiers and their availability is calculated to generate sufficient income to break even with 2019 forecasted expenditures. This is a cost-share. All camp fee revenue goes towards the 2019 camp. The camp budget will be made available to those who ask. It will take over 2,000 man-hours to build the pyramid & camp this year, however no camper is being paid to build the camp or pyramid. Many people are gifting over 3 weeks of their time. Your camp fee is a gift. Your time is a gift.


What your entire camp share membership goes towards:

  • Additions to the Pyramid (our gift to the playa)

  • Equal accommodation comfort and amenities to all campers.

  • Two meals per day. Brunch (~11am) and Dinner (1hr after sunset) served with our professional Napa chefs cooking up a different menu daily. There will be plenty of vegan, vegetarian and non-vegetarian options available at every meal. This year, the kitchen will be onsite.

  • Full power grid – for your RV air conditioner, AND the pyramid 50,000 watt sound system.

  • Potable Drinking Water for your RV. The on-shift camp captain will help you get your RV filled from the bulk storage tanks onsite. This is an upgrade from last year.

  • Pumping of RV’s (Just let the on-shift camp captain know)

  • Private shower trailer

  • Private flushable toilet trailer (this is a huge luxury on the Playa)

  • Beach Cruiser Bicycle – You just need to decorate it !

  • Air conditioned safari tents, or container conversion bunkhouse rooms with bedding. (if you’re not bringing your own RV)

  • Common Shade structure lounge area. This year with a PK Sound System.

  • Camp Sunset Parties in the Pyramid

Alchemist 2018

Camp Share Membership (per person)Every camper must purchase this pass.

$3000USD per person. However, subsidization is available to those that may require assistance in lieu of volunteer contributions.


EX1: BURNERS: 4 People want to share a safari tent & are happy having just a single volunteer shift:  Total owing from group = $4k Tent Rental + [4 x $3k CAMP MEMBERSHIP] = $16k  The per person cost is $4k/4 + $3k CAMP MEMBERSHIP = $4,000 pp

EX2:  Community Builders – Six people drive in a RV, and all are looking forward to spending a few hrs helping out the camp. Total Owing = [$4k RV Site Rental]  + [6 x $2k CAMP MEMBERSHIP] = $16k. Per-person cost = [4,000/6 ]+ $2,000 CAMP MEMBERSHIP  = $2,666 per person

EX3: Two “Love Couple” People want their own private safari tent, and can’t afford the time to earn 8 volunteer credits:  Total Owing = $4k + [2 x $4,500] = $13k. = $6,500 per person.


1) RV / Trailer Spot (with minimum 4 people): $3,000

30 & 40 amp service, water fill & pump out provide

2) Turnkey Safari Tent (4 person):  $4,000

Spring Mattress & bedding, A/C, power plug, lighting, mirror, bikes

3) Bunkhouse Room: $1500 per person

Spring Mattress & bedding, A/C, mini refrigerator, bike (example render)

4) Turnkey Trailer Rental

We have secured some private luxury trailer/RV, 4 bikes, power & water hook up, bedding, cooking for 4 (more is available per rental) – contact Krystal for more information on this option


So make sure you secure your entrance ticket, camp share membership, camping choice (RV, bunkhouse, Tent), your transportation to and from the playa, and get your costumes ready. This year is going to be EPIC!

Do not misrepresent our ethos, we are NOT a “Plug & Play” camp. We expect you to come, participate, build, clean- up, breakdown, help and SHARE.

How do you pay your fees?

Simple. We will be included is your personal website registration code to fully review and register. We accept Visa & Mastercard online through our website. Wires from US&CDN financial institutions for large group registrations and Interact e-transfer (Canada)

There is a 3% processing fee for credit cards

If you have any questions regarding payment issues, please email Krystal

Change of Plans?

We know that plans change, but unfortunately our plans are predicated on your dues. If you can’t make it to Burning Man for some unforeseen reason, we cannot refund your money after July 1, 2018.

We are really looking forward to seeing everyone soon. Again, planning is important and anything we can do to help, please let us know.  The plans for this year are over the top so get ready to experience radical transformation as part of PlayAlchemist 2018.

  • Click the gold button below to accept your invitation and begin your registration.

  • The entire process should take between 15- 20 minutes.

  • The final step in the registration process is payment. **If you or someone else in your group have already sent your payment via wire transfer or someone else is covering your camp pass or accommodation, you will need the confirmation or transaction number before you can complete your registration.**

  • We highly recommend that you ensure you have a good wifi connection and complete the process in one sitting.

  • Everyone joining us at camp is required to complete the registration process.

Much love Alchemists,

Alchemist & Camp Producer – Krystal Ho


Alchemist – Christopher Krywulak