Camp Fees and Donating your time at PlayAlchemist:

PlayAlchemist values all campers’ time equally both on and off the playa. Everyone staying in the camp is gifting a measure of their time. The measure of your time is either in the form of stored time , meaning real-world dollars earned outside of Burningman, or in the form of volunteer shifts spent building or operating the camp. Camp fees are reduced/credited proportionate to the valuable time you have have promised to contribute to the camp while in Black Rock City.

Being gifted both forms of time is essential for the viability of PlayAlchemist. This camp simply could not happen without those of you with capacity to gift your time in the form of a higher camp fee. Likewise, this camp could not happen without those of you with the capacity to gift weeks of your time bringing the camp to life. Combined, we generate the capacity to provide all campers equal accommodation comfort and quality amenities regardless of how they’re delivering their gift of time to the camp, and our camp’s gift of the pyramid to Burning Man.

The camp fee tiers and their availability is calculated to generate sufficient income to break even with 2018 forecasted expenditures. This is a cost-share. All camp fee revenue goes towards the 2018 camp. The camp budget will be made available to those who ask. It will take over 2,000 man-hours to build the pyramid & camp this year, however no camper is being paid to build the camp or pyramid. Many people are gifting over 3 weeks of their time. Your camp fee is a gift. Your time is a gift.

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