As above, so below

It’s a statement of old belief that what happens on Earth is mirrored in the stars.

Nowhere is this duality more visible than on the Giza Plateau, where we find monuments so finely engineered they accurately reflect the movements of stars going back thousands of years.

PlayAlchemist is designed in the spirit of Alchemy with the aesthetic influence of the Giza Plateau.  The Grand Pyramid, inspired by Great Pyramid of Giza, is a gathering place, a sanctuary, and a retreat. Once inside this 71ft high, 111 ft. base pyramid you are initiated to embark on a journey of personal transformation through the seven stages of alchemy…  while outside, the seven days of Burning Man unfold.

After dark the Grand Pyramid transforms with spectacular visuals as light and laser paint the night sky till dawn. This immense yet intimate structure is a gathering point for ceremonies, workshops and parties. Outside the Pyramid the site will be home to a village tribe of and Egyptian style tents and an outdoor communal space.



*Camp layout and design may not be exactly as shown and it may change without notice. These are artist renderings and historical images.

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